Driving in Bay area vs LA

I am currently up in SF/Bay area visiting the parent units, and in turn my entire immediate family.  Thought my brothers have traveled and lived in many places, I am currently the only sibling (out of 3) who lives further then 15 minuets away from the mom/dad home base.

When talking with parents on phone (which I do most likely too often for a woman of 28 years) I often try to give examples of how far I drive for something by relating it to their house.

Such as, “it’s like driving to South San Francisco, or Vallejo, or Corte Madera.”  But as I was driving to the closest 24 hour fitness I realized, the area’s are so different, my examples are almost always just… Wrong.

In LA, I live very close to the Interstate 5, or as we So Cal-rats call it, “The 5.”  Driving nearly anywhere for me is just a game of “do I get on the 5?” do I cut over to the 101? Or 134? Or maybe go north on 5, to cut over to 118, and then down to 405…  It seems to always be about negotiating which freeway to take to minimize traffic, and maximize speed.

In the Bay area, especially where my folks live… there is more or less 1 main road to take.   There are no quick ways around it.. there is the main Blvd, and some back roads which used to be the main train line.

Relating my experiences between jumping on a freeway to taking the main Blvd until you hit another town…. Just doesn’t seem valid, like apples and oranges.

I have realized that it has started to frustrate me.  The differences.  I was born and raised in this small town (right next to big beautiful San Francisco), with their small town road and small town driving habits (my hometown didn’t have a stoplight until I was in middle school).  But I’ve spent more of my adult life in the LA area then any other location, and I’ve grown to love/hate the freeways and “easy” access to many locations.   If 1 road is closed, there will be a way around said spot, it might mean adding 30 mins by going on 3 other freeways… But, I feel comfort in knowing there is (nearly) always a way around it by hook or by crook.


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