Living up to self imposed expectations

I am learning a lot about many things while planning for this wedding.

One of my good friends & fellow League of Steamers planned a glorious DIY wedding before I knew them.  Both Glenn & I have heard epic stories about how amazing this wedding was.  Both her and her (current) husband are amazingly creative talented people.  They 100% did the wedding by hand and for under 10K. Glenn and I idolize them in this fantasy amazing wedding that we hear epic stories about. We want to make a wedding that is 100% ours and super unique and amazing and all the things we heard about their wedding.

It was this alternative perfect dream wedding idea that we were clinging too, while neither of us had even known them when they were married!!

I started asking more questions… Doing their wedding was 100% their full-time jobs in the months leading up to the affair. they where both contract workers and where able to schedule their jobs around the wedding.

While I do enjoy (or hate.. depending on the day) that same job-lifestyle, Glenn does not.  He has a set job with set hours Monday-Friday that, now in January he knows he will have next November.  I am hoping he will take some time off around the wedding itself, but only 1 of *might* be available to do wedding prep full-time in the weeks leading up to big day.
They set up their entire wedding themselves, the 1st ones at the venue, the last ones to leave DAY OF to get dressed and prepped for ceremony. and the last ones to leave after they had folded up all the chairs on their own wedding night.

It occurred to me.. no matter how alternative nerd crazy chick I think I am.. I don’t want that kind of wedding day. I would like to get my hair & make up done for day. Be able to giggle with mimosa’s with my bride maids & cry with my mom before the event itself.

I kinda wonder if this makes me less cool for wanting a bit more of a traditional experience….


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