League of S.T.E.A.M. at Doo Dah Parade

League of S.T.E.A.M. at Doo Dah 2011

On the morning of Saturday April 30th, the League of S.T.E.A.M. marched in the Doo Dah Parade 34th occasional in beautiful Pasadena.  This was our 1st time participating in such an event.  We really didn’t know what to expect, except for wacky & silliness.  “The Pasadena Doo Dah Parade is a popular farcical and flamboyant parade held in Pasadena, California about once a year, usually in the fall or winter.” from Wikipedi.  I don’t think that the entry really does this thing justice.  It was filled with crazy hippies, stilt walkers,  legalize weed folk, costumed folk, teachers dressed in pink asking for hugs, roller skating EVERYTHING, and so much more.    I encourage everybody to check out the Flickr Links I am going to post on the bottom.

this is Doo Dah!!!

Our Roster for that day was:

Lady Ameliorette Potts – Tactical Coordinator

Lady Ameliorette Potts

Tactical Coordination Specialist

“When the League finds itself in a troublesome spot (as is too frequently the case), Lady Potts is undoubtedly the one who will fix the situation”

Lady Ameliorette Potts carrying the H.U.G. (Hunting Utility Gun).  We can see that today she decided to wear her awesome orange tartan skirt, which she made to match a pair of pants she made for her husband (for Valentine’s day… sooo cute!!).  her hat is missing her usual circle glasses… maybe because she lent them to me, so I could walk in a straight line… I’ve become quite dependent on sunglasses.. which doesn’t always go well with costuming.  We got to do 2  H.U.G. demonstrations during the course of parade.

Jasper Mooney Lycanthrope: Disposal Specialist

Jasper Mooney

Lycanthrope Disposal Specialist

“Jasper Mooney is dedicated to an unceasing quest to ferret out and abrogate lycanthropes, and he has honed his seeking, searching, and stalking skills to a keen edge. These uncanny abilities, coupled with advanced steam propulsion theory and cinnabar-driven contrivances, render all lycanthropic entities harmless and hairless.”

At the Doo Dah, Jasper decided to carry his trap pack (not visible in photo) and also swing the League Hammer around.

Baron von Fogel - Apparition Tracker

Baron von Fogel
Apparition Tracker (usually our Zombie Hunter)

Ususally the Baron is our #1 Zombie hunter, but today he played a different but very important role.  using JR’s EVP – R2 in order to monitor electronic voice phenomena and other supernatural evidence.  In my searching for photographs to use in this post, I was unable to find an “Only the Baron” photo, so I cobbled together all the shots of him I could find in other photographs.  which in turns kinda makes me look stalkerish.. but I swear he belongs to Ms. Blackmore and I was just trying to do him photographic justice!

Ellie Copperbottom

Ellie Copperbottom

W.A.T.C.H. Liaison

oh hey that’s me!  I don’t have a fancy/smancy write up to copy/paste from the League (or W.A.T.C.H.) website, so I’ll just post a lot more photos of myself then anybody else (to make up for it.. you know?)  I got the pleasure of carrying around the Punchy Fist.  it made a most excellent post card distributor. You can see me wearing Lady’s sunglasses.. I have goggles on (WTF?! really? I never wear goggles…) mostly because my mini hat was not staying in hair and I needed something on my noggin!

Coyote W.A.T.C.H. Liaiso


W.A.T.C.H. Liaison

my handsome, charming and dapper fellow Coyote!  He is wearing his “official Coyote” suit which we all love but he is getting very bored with.  He is carrying the “Electric Immobilization Engine” aka the baby eel powered shock machine!  Even though we were “marching” he found the time to give people in the crowd demonstrations (and not at all shocking himself….)

Katherine Blackmore – Undead Pulverizer

Katherine Blackmore

Friend & ally of the League

“Ms. Blackmoore is contracted by the League of STEAM on a regular basis to aid in their efforts to reduce the population of the living dead. An expert with blunt objects, she favors baseball and cricket bats as her primary skull-crushing weapons.”

Kitty (as I like to call her… even though she hates it) decided to leave the cricket bat at home and dawn her romantic interests Rocket pack!  because she was planning on showing off it’s high jumping abilities, of course she had to wear the proper head-gear.  Much like every time the Barron has tried to show the world how well his jump pack works, there appeared to be a small malfunction and Kitty was unable to jump higher then 1 story.  She would have really liked to have that jumping ability in order to dodge the tortillas & marshmallows which flew at us from every direction.

a mysterious zombie hunter.

Hope the Zombie Killer

Hope (as I am deciding to call him in this post) is our esteemed Producer and all around amazing human who you might not always see on stage or on-screen.  But I can tell you with 100% confidence the League would not be where it is now w/out this mans help and hard work. For the Doo Dah he decided to be a Barron doppelgänger, wearing the zombie hunting cutting arm and bloody shirt.  it was really awesome to have him all dressed up and out with us, vs having him run around behind the scenes with a clipboard telling us where to be in 5 minutes!

Madame D. Stroy

Madam D. Stroy Friend and ally of the League.

Madame D. has been a friend of the league ever since we all went to the same traditional irish wake, and there turned out to be a murder was in our midst!  The event was pretty well documented in this Music Video, by Panic! at the Disco.  Madam D. is a mysterious one-eyed women strikingly beautiful women, and even we at the League know very little about her before the Wake.

…and now “The Help”

We used our Zombies to carry the League of S.T.E.A.M. Banner!

and our zombies are….

Zeddediah - Gentleman's Gentleman

“A tireless and dedicated servant, assistant, valet and confidant to Mr. Potts and company, Zeddediah is one half of a dedicated duo. By relieving the League of distracting day-to-day worries and allowing them to focus on their innovations and the containment of supernatural plagues of mankind, Zeddediah and his twin brother Thaddeus have proven to be an integral part of the team.” Zed did a great job holding up half of the League Banner that day.  his collar only went off a few times and there were no casualties this time!!  Though we will admit, having him on average about 20 feet ahead of most league members, did make hearing his alarm and capturing him to wind it up again a bit of a challenge.

Alice the Zombie Maid

Alice the Zombie maid is a relatively new addition to the League household.  She was introduced with our second Bar Sinister show, the benefits of Zombie Domestication, and is a prime example of a second stage zombie (freshly dead) saved by the League superiority technology and gadgetry.  If the League had not captured her during a mission and equipped her with a domestication collar, she would have reached stage 3 (full zombie) and decapitation would have been her only future.  She is carrying the other half of the League of S.T.E.A.M. Banner.  Her collar functioned perfectly at this event, and she never threaten any of the audiences members.

And now what I’m sure you all want… more pictures!!!!

Ellie Copperbottom & Madam D.Stroy
Zed happily carrying our banner with Jasper in the background
Alice really enjoying her job.
Alice, Madam D.Stroy & Ellie Copperbottom

Even though these following photos are not of us, or even… me.. (I know I know.. what are they doing here…) I wanted to share that there were apparently OTHER ZOMBIES IN THE PARADE!! and we some how totally missed them!!! it would have been great to capture a few more, we’ve got an idea for mounting banners on the back of Zombie’s Samurai style!

Zombie Lady
oh noes! Zombie eating a dog brain!
Zombie School Girl

There were also some amazing Penny Farthings!! I though the Steampunk Crew might enjoy seeing these pictures (even if the riders could be wearing MUCH more dapper attire)

A few more “behind the scenes” Style photos:

Ellie had A LOT of fun with the Punchy Fist!
A LOT of fun!

and one of my fav shots, of our lovely Zombie Maid!

isn’t she pretty? somebody gave her a flower!

All in all, the League was happy they decided to March in the Doo Dah, not sure if we will do so again, but a good time was had!  we handed out every single postcard we brought with us, and I know I gave A LOT of “epic fits bumps” using the punchy fist!

Many photos taken from:
victorcab on Flickr
Billy_bennight n Flickr
Al Pavangkanan on flickr

If you want to see more Doo Dah 2011 Photographs, I highly encourage everybody to check out above links. I only posted a very very small sampling of how crazy the Doo Dah is!

Let me leave you with… my favorite from the entire parade…

Rollar Skating Wizard!!!!!


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