Tea with Gail Carriger author of the Parasol Protectorate

On sunday April 10th myself and my amazing man Glenn got the opportunity to attended the “Afternoon Tea with Gail Carriger” hosted by our friend Donna Ricci of Clockwork Couture.  For those of you who do not know, Gail Carriger is the author of a successful series of Steampunk novels starting with Soulless, (from amazon) “Soulless is a comedy of manners set in Victorian London: full of werewolves, vampires, dirigibles, and tea-drinking.”  Donna is the cover model for the books.

The Parasol Protectorate (so far) by Gail Carriger, cover model Donna Ricca


Glenn & I took this opportunity to dress up and mingle with other like-minded people with gusto!  We had an alternative mission of approaching Gail Carriger about being a guest on the STEEM Geaks Podcast.  Mission aside, I was very excited about event, and took it upon myself to try to read all 3 publish Parasol Protectorate books before the Tea Party.

Sheyne & Glenn with autographed ticket.

Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena CA

The event was held at the a cute little Tea room  Tea Rose Garden in the Old Town district of Pasadena, California.  It was a cute little Tea shop right off the well trafficked Colorado blvd.

The Gail Carriger tea party took up the entire front dinning room.  Tea Rose Garden appeared to also sell Flowers, so each table had a very simple but elegant rose centerpiece.  I was impressed, I often stop to smell roses & the ones in the arrangement had a very soft but pleasant aroma!

These roses smelled just as nice as they looked

Gail sat at a table with Donna Ricci, and I believe 2 gentlemen who won the tickets off ebay!  Everybody looked quite happy the entire time.  the gentleman in the white suit and straw hat was a character!  we had seen him & his partner eating lunch at a sidewalk cafe while we walked to event, he tipped his hat to me and that sort of things sticks with a lady!

The event played out as such:  Intro/welcome by Gail & Donna.

Tea was served, everybody at tables chatted as Gail went table to table to chat with guests.  After this, Tea platters where served, more time was had to socialize with our table mates.

Gail socializing with tables full of avid fans!

Gina & Erin, awesome table-mates & classy ladies

Glenn & I, walking in with less then 15 minutes to spare, had to sit at at table with 2 girls we had never met before.  We will be honest, we chose that table because the girls looked fabulous and they both had awesome hats!

Gina & her fabulous hat fastener

Erin with her fashionable hat & collar

I hope to be able to find these 2 girls again, either online or in real life!  The women on the left is Gina, and the one of the right is Erin!  we ended up really enjoying their company (and hats) and joined them for a post tea party drink at a bar across the street!

the tasty & lovely tea platter

The Tea Party platter consisted of two different sandwiches; egg salad and then classic cucumber with mint.  The next layer up had cranberry & blueberry scones mixed with  soft sweet shortbread cookies. it was all topped off with an amply array of berries & fruits!  Everything I tasted was very good.  The servers were very on top of the tea, they offered 2 different style, our table mostly stayed with the classic English breakfast tea (and proceeded to get incredibly hyper over course of event).

Gail Carriger reading something awesome!

After everybody had been given enough time to nibble at the plates and continue good conversation and speculation, Gail stood up again to read something unpublished…   She outright declared she would deny whatever we print on was on the internet, so I will just say it was funny & delightful!  I am so glad I managed to read (even if in the wrong order….) all of the Parasol Protectorate books ahead of time!

Gail Carriger reading more awesome stuff!

Gail then spoke about her literary future, after the Parasol Protectorate (which will consist of 5 books) she will move on to a young adult series.  The series will take place in the same universe as the previous book series, but will be 20 years further in the past,  in a different geographical area with a totally different set of characters.  though being the books all deal with immortals, It’s very plausible that there might be some characters who we have already met making an appearance.. though technically because it’s in the chronological post.. we haven’t met them yet.  but we have.. hold on.. I’m getting distracted..

After all of that she took questions, about her books, her characters, her own literary process.  There were a lot of different questions.  I decided I liked Gail more and more with every answer given.  I really appreciated that she is very passionate about including LGBT characters in her books.

Sheyne enjoying whatever Gail had just read or said!

The event was a great success, and both Glenn & myself had a great time!

All of the photos I’ve used have been taken from Clockwork Couture Gallery on facebook, and shot by Pixie Vision Productions (on facebook here).  I will post a few more, but I encourage everybody go and check out the full Gallery!

Sheyne & Glenn with autographed ticket.

The lovely place setting at Tea Rose Garden

the table we sat at.

Gail Carriger happily sighing books

This book now has 10 extra cool points.

Soulless being handed between people

Gail Carriger with the 2 gentlemen who sat at head table

Gail Carriger chatting & laughing with a fan



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5 responses to “Tea with Gail Carriger author of the Parasol Protectorate

  1. awww! I really like her books! I had no idea about this event, but I guess I’m so busy I probably couldn’t have gone anyway. I totally would have gone in my pink victorian, though. Glad you had a fun time, you guys look great!

  2. Janet

    is this a regular event?

    • I believe this was a one time deal, but it seemed popular enough that maybe Donna & Gail will host another one later on to promote the next book? Best to ask/tweet/beg at Donna from Clockwork Couture for more events!

  3. I own all the released titles to date, Gail was nice enough to send me autographed book plates to insert in them.

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