LA Weekly People of LA

Well hey now.  I am in print!!

Cover of 2010 LA Weekly LA People issue

NO THAT IS NOT ME!!!! turn to Page 88

page 88 of LA Weekly 2010 People of LA

Yep! that is me!!!

a little back story:

A few months ago, friend & LA Weekly reporter Liz Ohanesian sent me an email to inform me that she had submitted my name to be profiled for this issue.  LA Weekly approved it therefore, her and I sat down for a nice interview at Royal/T in Culver City.  After letting (and encouraging) me babble for about an hour we parted ways.  A month or so after that Photographer Kevin Scanlon contacted me and we arranged for him to come to my place and photograph me surrounded by my crap!

Well, this is the week that the issue came out, and I am just tickled pink and thrilled beyond belief with how it all turned out.

The photo is just…. great.. it might be one of the best photos taken of me ever.  you want to see a better version of it?


For those who are not in the LA area, and can not just pick up a current LA Weekly…. Here is a link to the article on LA Weekly Blog:

Sheyne Fleischer: Ear to the Weirdness

While you are over there you should also check out

Shawn Strider: Labyrinth of Jareth

Greg Hignight & Del Martin: Founders, Tune in Tokyo

Courtney Cruz: The Fempire Strikes Back


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