Red and Pink Stripes or Barbie circus hell room!

I was born and raised in the San Fransisco Bay Area.  My parents and both brothers live within 5 miles of each other.  My oldest brother has 2 girls 6 & 2 years old.  These girls are my mothers only grandchildren, and the only children in our immediate family.  To say that the girls are adored and maybe even slightly spoiled could be considered an understatement.  But that is not the point of this blog.

My brother told my mother when the eldest was still a baby, that she could only spend the night at Grandma’s house if there was a pink bedroom to sleep in (it was 1/2 a dick move and 1/2 a joke).   I told my mother when the opportunity happened I would come up north, clean out the extra bedroom, and paint the walls.  I followed through and  spent 2 weeks digging through old dusty boxes of family crap history and transforming this room into a pretty perfect little girls room.

I could write 10 blog posts about the wonders I found while digging,: old super 8 film my late Grandfather shoot (we’ve dropped some off to be transferred to DVD), my childhood barbie collection, photos of my mother and brothers before she married my father…  I dropped off over 10 pounds/25 years worth of misc wires & cords to an E-waste collection spot, and filled my back seat with donations for goodwill.  This room, for nearly all of the 20+ years my folks have lived in this place, has been a “warehouse.”  We have thrown everything and anything into this room.

All of the clean up work really paid off.  the second week was spent painting & taping and then painting some more.  I decided I wanted to do something fun.  Pink & white striped walls really appealed to me.  but the eldest niece told me she REALLLLY wanted the room painted red, so the concept morphed into pink & red stripes.  Negotiating with mom, we came to the decision of: 2 walls of pink, 1 wall of red (where the headboard of bed would be) and 1 wonderfully wacky wall of pink & red stripes!

I document the process with my Iphone.  the pictures are not great, and I need to apparently clean my lens.

mid being cleaned

taping up the molding

wow, the room is brilliant white!

everything looks soo clean!

OMG such barbie pink

pink closer to real color

the color looks correct here!

Sure it looks just like a darker/deeper pink

the crazy begins!

Stripey wall

behold the wall ostripes!!!

title says all.

hi hallway!

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One response to “Red and Pink Stripes or Barbie circus hell room!

  1. OMG!! YES!! I love that!! I have a few fun rooms in our home…in my older daughter’s room I painted walls to look like castle block walls. She had her room in the style of Hogwarts! The other daughter has a ceiling that looks like a sky with clouds and lavender walls. My craft room is so plain….I need to go artsy. This is very inspirational! AND SO MUCH FUN!!!

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